Life is full of moments – moments you will want to revisit forever. Through the trained, experienced eye of a professional photographer, those moments can be revisited anytime, allowing you to revel in the moments that passed by in the blink of an eye. You’ll even be able to enjoy moments that you missed the first time, whether because they were out of sight or angles and grouping which occurred in your absence – all of these will be captured and preserved … forever.

Perhaps your special moments are milestone events, filled with family and friends celebrating the momentous occasion. Our photographers are available for these important events and are experienced at capturing the scenes to live on in eternity.


A wedding is not only a pinnacle moment for the couple being wed, but it is also the joining of two families, two sets of cultural and religious traditions, and often, the party of a lifetime. From the most intimate photos of the first look a couple gets on the day of the wedding to full family group shots and candids of the celebration, a wedding is just a few hours long, but a lifetime of plans, dreams, and afterward, of memories. Some of the photos sure to be captured include:

  • Photos of the bridal party – including both ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos staged properly to be shared as transformational photos on TickTock

  • Individual shots of the couple apart – perhaps in the home, with a favorite pet, or receiving last-minute words of wisdom from a parent. These shots will be treasured by your spouse after the wedding, as they didn’t get to see the action before the special moment of coming together.

  • Pictures of the ceremony – whether it is a Christian ceremony in an ornate church with dazzling colors beaming through the stained glass, a Jewish ceremony under the Chuppa with special shots of the symbolic breaking of the glass, or a ceremony out in nature, with the sun, waves, woods – whatever your setting may have – the ceremony represent that moment of joining, and photos will include the happy couple, their emotional family, and perhaps even unnoticed details that the photographer’s eye will notice and preserve.

  • Candid shots from the party – There is more going on than meets the eye, and professional candids at the celebration will help the couple and families enjoy scenes and happenings they missed at the actual event. Whether it is the dancing, toasts, cake cutting or speeches, there is more to take in than one can do while reveling in your roles, which is why your photographer is there to see and record it all.

  • Snapshots of the guests – Photographs taken at the wedding often represent the only tangible records of family members together, as the world has become increasingly far-flung. When people gather together – people who have perhaps never been gathered in one place together (or at least not for years and years), professional photography will capture and safeguard those special moments forever.


Life isn’t lived in a straight, uneventful line, but is punctuated by milestone events to be commended, celebrated, and cherished as poignant memories and momentous occasions. Beautiful professional photography is a must, and our experienced, intuitive photographers are ready to capture the milestones of your life or those of your family members.


A new life is a celebration and a marker of a change in the very fabric of the family. Whether the new addition arrives in a hospital or on an airplane with addition by adoption, photos are an integral part of the celebration and new beginnings.

  • Baby photos – both posed shots to capture specific tableaus and candids to capture the emerging emotions, actions, and personality of the newborn should be taken by a photographer experienced with working with babies who can capture the fleeting expressions and set a tranquil scene for beautiful memories.

  • Family photographs – capturing the new addition with their parents, siblings, grandparents, and even beloved pets will be framed and hung in homes and cherished for years to come.

  • Candids at the celebration – it is so difficult to focus on a celebration when you are the parent or guardian of a newborn, and so the presence of an experienced, professional photographer can make the difference between a party you didn’t get to fully experience and one you can enjoy thorough amazing photography for years to come.


As children grow, more milestones along the way celebrate their accomplishments, cultural and religious traditions, and move into adulthood. Beautiful, professional photography can capture these events, along with this fleeting moment in time, a time moving far too quickly into adulthood and independence.

  • Studio/home portraits – growing up means change, so capture the moment with a studio or at-home photo session, allowing time for multiple clothing and prop changes, lighting and poses to capture the essence of the photo subject. With a photo session away from the time constraints of an event, your photographer will have the time to focus upon capturing the very essence and personality of your growing child as seen through the lens of their professional, experienced eye. Do miss this moment – capture it with a studio session.

  • Event photography – while it is wonderful to take the time to spend at a photo session capturing just the right look, life happens at the major, celebratory events where family and friends convene together. Professional photographers are experienced at dealing with family drama, rushed conditions, poor lighting, unexpected emergencies, meltdowns, and more, to get the best shots even under less-than-stellar conditions. Put your memories into good hands, and entrust them to our photographers to catch the magic of the moment like lighting in a bottle.

    For all of the moments in your life, choose the photographer who will cherish the moment, adapt to the scenario, and capture your memories for eternity.

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